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Removes the region protection from the user's DVDs
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Watch or copy region-protected DVDs on any player and no matter where you are in the world. The tool supports RPC2 drives, works automatically from the background and doesn't modify your hardware's configuration. It blocks the autorun feature from DVDs.

DVD Region+CSS Free is an small application that frees DVD discs out of the country blocking protection, including CSS encryption, that some countries include in their produced DVDs to unable those to be seen at another countries. That blocking protection is known as "Region protection".

The application works along with PowerDVD, WinDVD, DirectDVD, Cine Player, ATI DVD Player, NVDVD, Windows Media Player, UltraDVD, etc. even DVD devices with RPC2 (region protection), detecting automatically the mentioned protection and removing it.

With the protection removed, DVDs coming from any country can be seen and copied using any DVD device

DVDs stay region protected, but the application (working at the background) allos the DVD player to show and copy the DVD contents as it was region free or unprotected, even if they contain CSS protection. Any regular DVD copy program will be able to "clone" DVDs is it works along with DVD Region+CSS Free application.

The application can, in addition, free protected audio CDs for playing, rippinf or copying.

Easy to use. Remove region codes (RC), CSS encryption, advanced region codifications (RCE), analog copy protection, and all the user copy and play prohibitions UOPs).

It hides the forced subtitles that user define. Enables direct menus, movies, sounds, etc. to be played without any advices. It works directly from the play program, not needing to save data in the HDD.

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